Monday, January 26, 2015

What is Like Being Around the World Almost Every Day?

Asian countries like the Philippines favors careers on the cruise ship industry. In spite of the irresistible monetary gain, requires braving the turbulent waters and the high demands of the job. If you were able to keep the job longer, you could fully enjoy one of the perks of working on a cruise ship – the chance of traveling around the world. Included in that “package” is meeting new people every day, and eventually, getting acquainted with them or if you're lucky enough, building long-term friendships. The latter outcome is quite difficult to achieve because of shifting schedules and the length of stay of each patrons. This article is brought to you by: NSMS

Is there a marine vessel on earth that defies this hello-then-goodbye kind of relationship? Welcome aboard on The World, the first known floating community on the sea. At a glance, even at pictures on the net, someone might mistake it as a cruise ship but in reality it is not. According to the management, The World is “the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth.” Yep, nothing what it seems, as they say.

It was a brainchild of Knut Kloster, Jr., who sought the help of his several colleagues on 1997 with one mission in mind – to transform a yacht into a residential liner. Later on, they launched The World on 2002 and registered it in the Bahamas. This 12-deck private yacht comprises of 165 cabins with four types of rooms. This includes 106 apartments, 19 studio apartments, and 40 studio-type units. Resale is only the option for now because The World was already sold out since 2006.

The amenities and facilities are quite similar as to what a cruise ship has. Moreover, the vessel has a library, theater, golf simulator, and a gaming center. It also boasts its one-of-a-kind World Spa and Wellness Center for total relaxation of the mind and body, and if you want, it is possible to do this every day. Residents could also feed their mind by applying at one of the short courses the management offers. For those who mix business with pleasure, they could work remotely using their strong Internet connection. Another privilege is the residents themselves could plan their own itinerary of their “field trip” around the world that happens every two or three years.

The World is the home for 130 families that came from various parts of the world. Contrary to a 3,600-passenger cruise ship, it is an intimate and close-knit community based on the statistics. So, it is not impossible to start and nurture friendships especially with the crew. The World has more or less 260 employees with different nationalities.

In the long run, the employees will develop a sense of familiarity with the yacht's residents and vice versa. Due to the long course of the journey, it won't be difficult for the staff to determine the needs and wants of each resident. The ratio of the employee versus the residents plays a big factor as well. This is advantageous for both parties and ensures that the quality of service the staff delivers is at its best.

 Regardless of what a cruise liner or vessel's living arrangement adapts; whether it is a seven-day journey or more; traveling does not only give you the satisfaction of exploring different tourist attractions around the world. It is also a way of forming strong connections by meeting new people of various nationalities. It is more than clicking the ‘like’ button on a Facebook profile of someone you just search on the Internet.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Basic Requirements of being a Seaman

Are you dreaming of becoming a seaman someday? Probably yes, because many of the Filipinos are using this profession as a springboard to make capital money for future investments. If you will survey all of the big houses in your neighborhood, you will notice that all of the big houses are owned by local businessmen, OFWs or Seaman. Thus, it is safe to say that having “seafarer” as a profession gives us a great opportunities to achieve our dreams financially.
By the way, what are the basic requirements to become a seaman?

Basic Sea Man Training


Basic Seaman Training or STCW 95 is the training given to entry level seafarers who wants to work on boats, ships and yachts over 24 meters. It is a 7 day training course in which you need to pass the following:
  • Sea Survival Techniques
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
  • First Aid
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention
After completing and passing this 7-day course, you will be given a STCW95 certification.
Seaman’s Book


After passing the BST, one of the most important requirements is the Seaman’s book or the Seaman’s Identification Record Book. It is a small booklet (like a passport) which contains all of your work records onboard. It is presented and stamped on by your maritime company if you will be employed on a ship. It is also a requirement if you will be getting a working visa from POEA.
If you don’t have a Seaman’s book yet, you can click this link: How to get a Seaman’s book
After Getting the Seaman’s Book
Bring your STCW 95 certificate, Seaman’s book and passport and apply with trusted agencies here in the Philippines. If hired, you need to register at POEA to become an officially registered seaman where a Seafarers Registration Certificate will be issued afterwards.  

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Monday, December 1, 2014

3 Filipino Transport Hacks

Say you need something and it’s 5 cities or an expressway away, do you go immediately to commuting? Did you even stop to think about how much your tranpo will cost? Most of us will think of just slugging out the commute at an opportune time but, turns out, there are other alternatives when trying to save money on transport like

Get Things Delivered

And this might hold true even if you’re just a city away. Well known delivery and shipping companies in the Philippines do a pretty good job with their deliveries so if you’re after an item, make delivery a consideration. From cost alone, it would appear that going to the place instead of getting them delivered might look like it costs less (Taguig to Marikina) but if you add in the time you can be available to make the transfer possible, traffic, cost in man hours and other hidden costs, it will be more apparent that a delivery is more cost effective and convenient.

Shop and Scout Online

And we’re not just talking about the well-known buy-sell-bid websites. There are Facebook groups that cater do different interest with people in them that hail from different places. If you’re lucky, the same item you are looking for that might cost you a couple hundred pesos to get to might also be available within your neighborhood! Groups may range from cosplay items to even market fish breeds.

Do Big Moves in the Evening

Especially in the almost wee hours leading to dawn. This is the time where there are almost no cars on the road. I recently had to move from an apartment in Quezon City to a House in Malolos. There were so many items that needed transporting that it took me 3 trips to be able to move them all with a regular pickup truck. It also only took me 5 hours to finish everything since the drive from the two cities would only take about 30 minutes, one way.

 Do you know other hacks for cost-effective and quick transpo?  

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Pinoy Storage Hack Guide

Pinoys love to put away stuff for long period just in case they will be needed in the future. It’s a good concept but only as long as the things you put away stay in good condition and in manageable space. You’ll never need a shipping company in the Philippines to ever relocate your goods elsewhere nor will you need moving people: all you need are desiccants and tons of tissue paper rolls.

Put a desiccant

Desiccants are those little packets or mysterious whatever stuff you find in food packaging (mostly imported Japanese processed food) with a warning that it is not edible and that it should not be eaten. Desiccants are activated carbon that absorbs moisture from the air. Moisture aids in the decomposition of materials that’s why desiccants are placed well inside food packs to help protect them from moisture related spoilage.

Use a desiccant in boxes that you need to protect from moisture in the air. Leather shoes can go brittle with moisture. Personally, I use desiccants in my boxes of trading cards because trapped moisture inside the box can easily destroy them.

Use a tic-tac dispenser

Tic-tac dispensers are small, durable, and convenient. That is why Tic-tacs are easy go-to candies. Given the versatility of the dispensers, they can be repurposed to contain and manage a great number of things like small nails, needles, your earphones, condiments and spices, glitters, pins, ribbons—most small things that need be dispensed.

Repurpose tissue cartons and Pringles cans

A tissue roll’s middle carton, when collected and stacked upon each other can be a good space saving organizer. It’s cheap, it’s easy to acquire (depending on how much tissue you consume), and with a little bit of imagination, it can look awesome. In the same manner that tissue rolls can be turned into organizers, Pringles cans can also be alternative spaces. Pringles cans are perfect for the same things that you can put in a tissue roll but the cans have the added bonus of a lid. Use a can for your pasta or marbles or homemade Pringles.

 Wrap bottles in wet tissue

Probably one of my most favorite hacks of all time; no need to wait too long for your beer to get cold in the freezer! Just wrap it with a wet tissue paper. Although do take into consideration some factors that physics says will make this actually helpful.

Make sure that the tissue is wetted with hot water. Hot water is evaporating and it is this evaporation that will cause the tissue to freeze faster thus will make your beer icy-licious. Also, make sure there are tiny air pocket spaces in between the bottle and the paper so that the process does not invert into the paper freezing over while the beer is insulated within.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Work Workout (Jobs that physically make you look good and healthier)

Let’s say you work an office job that requires you to do a 9 to 5 while sitting down in front of a computer working on your manager knows what; by the end of the day and after a couple cups of copy and helpings of potato chips and other greasy goods, you get home and “think” hard on exercising but of course you don’t because you are low on energy. There are jobs that pay good monetarily and then there are jobs that give good health benefits. And I’m not talking about commercial modeling and becoming and artista; those guys work to look good because looking good is their work. I’m talking about jobs that, just by doing them, you become better looking and healthier. Jobs like…


If you’ve ever seen the actual “carrying” that goes on at the background of any shipping company in the Philippines, you’d see that most of the people who carry heavy loads on their backs for a living are pretty ripped. Although, long term, this kind of job might have a toll on the bones, it undoubtedly is an actual weigh workout.


Dept. Store Personnel and Security Guards

Remember the new study that’s viral on the internet that says sitting for long periods of time actually messes your health up? Well, even without the study, the people you turn to to ask if they’ve got a size for your shoes (if you haven’t notice) are seldom fat and are actually kind of fit. Dept. Store Personnel and security guards are required to stand for hours on end thus their improved metabolism and overall physical health.


Farmers and Fishers

These guys work to the bone and they work in very healthy environments. They are bound to look good and live long lives. Given that their livelihood is providing us with food, they eat only the freshest


They make a living playing sports and they get the girl—case in point Mark Barroca’s wife is really hot.


Gym Instructors

These guys need to actually look good on purpose not only because the job will, by nature, mold them, but they need to also set an example for the likes of us normal office people who want to look good in a fitted t-shirt.


Those are just some of the jobs that we get to see typically. We’re not yet mentioning the Armed Forces or Navy here. If you can’t find the time to work these kinds of jobs that improve health, find the time to get a couple of minutes of workout. ‘Di bale nang katawang kargador, healthy naman!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Life of Cruise Ship Workers (The Voyagers of the Sea)

So, how does it feel to work in a cruise ship? Ship life provides us a lot of work in a fun and exciting environment. In this job, we can develop a bond with the cruise staff in different departments, bonds so close, they become family. It is a bond where even when you are off the ship, you will still find the time to see each other to explore life and have some fun adventure.

What is your responsibility as a cruise ship worker?

For the guests to have a wonderful experience, the cruise ship company provides dining rooms, shopping areas, a library with a comfy couch, and entertainment lounges like casinos, pool decks and sports decks. And as an employee of the ship, it is your duty to give guests your best to serve them.

What is the difference in working aboard from working on land?

Working on a ship is really difficult because you’ll experience living away from your family while at the same time living at sea. You will have to frequently be accessing your fish legs time and again. You could also get lost on the current date in time, frequently not knowing what day it is on a week or what current month and time zone a country is in. Also, it’s different because after work you can do almost everything you want. You can go to the back deck of the ship, find aphone signal to keep in touch with your loved ones, look at the stars or go to the crew areas where you can spend some leisure time.
We already discussed that there are entertainment lounges for the guests but, did you know that there are also counterparts of those areas that can be used by the cruise staff?

Crew day room

This is a multi-purpose room for employees entertainment. If you are part of the cruise staff, you can surf the internet here, watch TV, and play Table Tennis or Billiards.

Laundry Area

There are actually two laundry areas onboard, laundry areas for guests and staff. The guest’s area is a much bigger laundry area than the staff’s but comparing both, their functionalities are pretty much the same.

Video rental room

Here, you can borrow almost all the movies you want, from oldest black and white films to the newest ones. They have different sorts of movies recorded in VHS, VCDs and DVDs.

Crew mess

It is where crews eat and drink. Few selected viands are served here for the crews.

Crew Gym

This is a place in the ship where you can find different body building equipment that can be used by the crew members. The use of the gym is free as the provision also helps the company keep their crew fit and healthy.

Crew bar

This is a place where crew members unwind. A place where employees can get “cheaper” drinks. Well, it’s definitely cheaper because prices are 50 percent less the price of the drinks for the guests.

Back deck party area of the crew

This is an open deck part of the ship where the crew can dance and party!
Boredom and longing for your loved ones aresome of the main concerns of a seaman. But as long as you have your friends who can also be your second family, and have the amenities provided by your cruise ship company, working onboard is a lot more fun than working on land.

If you are planning to work on a cruise ship, you can visit North Sea Marine Services Corporation here.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Quick Cruise Ship Jobs

Having difficulties in finding a job in today’s fast paced world of industrialization is steadily becoming a thing of the past. Right here in the Philippines, there are countless companies looking for man power on varying fields of industry. Off shore, there are plenty more, especially at sea. Here and there are cruise ship job vacancies in the Philippines and, mind you, they could be some of the most high paying and lucrative financial endeavors this side of the pay margin. Some of the jobs that are currently in demand are…

House Keeping

Cruise ships are like 5 star hotels complete with kitchen and five star accommodations but minus the heavy traffic noises outside. It’s basically a floating 5 star fantasy that jets across the ocean from one scenic location to another. Indeed, with all the rich people who want to partake in said flamboyance, they will need people to clean their beds. The best thing about this is the pay WILL be good and you get to enjoy the scenery of the ocean as you work.


Cruises will not happen overnight. Some of them don’t even finish in a week. It could take a couple of months for a whole luxury cruise to come into full circle and guests will eventually grow hair. Barbers and beauticians have to be present to accommodate grooming needs for said guests. Not to mention, there will be balls, parties, and soirees in the ship for which, dress ups will be required.

Cook, Bakers, Bartenders, Waiters

Because, of course! It can’t be called a 5-star luxury cruise without a 5-star luxury buffet and fine dining! Most of the people who fall under these qualifications are those who have graduated with Hotel and Restaurant Service certifications and Food and Beverage competencies. A TESDA bartending certification is desired as well.

Electrician and Plumber

These are very important jobs especially since these personnel will ensure not only the security and comfort of the passengers, but of the whole ship as well. Of course, both of these jobs will also require that you pass a certain level of expertise on your field like with plumbing, you will need a Master Plumber certification.

Given all the opportunities, it’s always good to weigh your capacities and apply yourself. Remember that, since this is a sea-based job, you will need certain certifications regarding maritime competencies most of which will be indicated and required by your potential employer. If you like the sea, however, your dream job could be on this side of the starboard!

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